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Come Join Our New Social Network and get 25% OFF your next order!

We have a big announcement to make. We’ve just launched a brand new social network for Gluteboost users— This is the first and only social network devoted to butt enhancement, and we want you to join us!

Bootifly is an online community and social network where Gluteboost users can come together to share their stories and photos of their butt enhancement journey. It’s a great way to upload photos and monitor your progress, connect with other women who are trying to get a bigger butt, and to get support on your butt enhancement journey.

We know how hard it can be to build a better body and start healthy habits. When you have support from others and people who can help you stay accountable, your chances of success are so much higher. That’s what Bootifly will give you. It’s the best way to document your journey using Gluteboost butt enhancement pills and butt enhancement cream.

So, what can you expect from Bootifly? If you’re familiar with Facebook and other social networks, you’ll love Bootifly. Our social network allows you to create your own profile page, add friends, and follow others in your live feed. You can also post status updates, leave comments, “Like” your friends’ posts, and so much more.

We also hope to use Bootifly as another tool to service our customers. Through the officialGluteboost account, we will be interacting with our customers—answering your questions, listening to your feedback, and providing support and encouragement as you try to reach your butt enhancement goals.

Sign Up Today!

Bootifly is live and in beta mode. We’ve already had some new users sign up, and we’d love for you to come join us. Early-bird registration is going on now! Recieve a coupon code for 25% off your next order when you sign up!  To learn more and to sign up now, please visit

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